Were you one of the lucky 100 new millionaires

So the Euromillions created 100 lucky millionaires on friday. Were you one of them? Would be awesome to hear from you. Where were you when you found out?

Needless to say it wasn’t me, so I will be playing again this tuesday when the jackpot is a respectable £19million.

humongous jackpot this tuesday

So with still no jackpot winner, this tuesday draw will be for a massive £157million. One of the biggest ever jackpots. As if there could be any more excitement, the country is going euromillions daft right now.

Still no jackpot winner

So this fridays draw has rolled over yet again. No jackpot winner so tuesdays draw will be a massive £122million. Wow can’t wait.
Also the winner of the euromillions raffle on the 31st may has yet to be claimed. £1million per month every month for a year. Ticket was bought in Birmingham, was it you?????

£81million UK winner

So the UK winner of the £81million jackpot has came forward to claim their prize. Currently deciding wether or not they want to go public with their winnings or not.

Don’t worry, we still have something huge to look forward to this friday night, the Euromillions have a special prize of £1million per month for a year to give away in the raffle.


Play in a Euromillions syndicate?

Has anyone ever considered playing as part of a euromillions syndicate? There is an online syndicate that plays Euromillions, UK lotto, lucky 5, and daily play all in the one syndicate, it’s called LoveMyLotto, You should check it out, you can join from as little as £12 per month, thats the same price as playing 1 euromillions ticket every friday. And you can increase the number of chances you have of winning.

Gigantic jackpot

This friday we have a gigantic jackpot on our hands of £72,000,000. Imagine looking at your bank balance and seeing that many zero’s. It doesnt bear thinking about.

On the 31st of may, the euromillions have a little suprise up their sleeve, the winner of the millionaire raffle, will not just win 1million, they will win 1million every month for a year. Totalling £12million!!

I wonder if we will have another rollover for that draw or if the 72mil will be won this friday… Who knows.

What would you spend the money on?

What would you spend the money on if you were lucky enough to win the jackpot?

Recently one lucky winner has said she has bought the local childrens soft play area that her children loved so much after it closed, and plans to re-open it soon in order to help bring some fun back for the local children.

It’s nice to know there are some really genuine people out there who just want to make a difference for the local community.

£110million superdraw jackpot won – But not in the UK

So tonights Euromillions superdraw rollover was finally won.

The £110million jackpot has been won by a single ticket holder, although it was not in the UK. So unfortunately it is back to square one, next weeks jackpot is back to £12million.

Congratulations mind you to the 5 lucky ticket holders who each got 2nd prize, £395,000.


100 million euromillions superdraw

This friday 22nd march is the next euromillions superdraw!!

An estimated £80million will be won, and if 5 numbers and the 2 lucky stars are not won, it will roll down to the next prize, so there has never been a better time to play.

I play the Euromillions in a syndicate with Love My Lotto Sydncate.

If you want to increase your chances of winning its a cracking way to do it.

Good luck everyone. Let’s hope its a UK winning ticket.